House&Canvas Matte Finish Varnish Topcoat


Add long-lasting protection and exceptional durability to your surface with our water-based polycarbonate topcoat that dries to a crystal clear, matte finish.

Size: 1 US Quart

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House&Canvas Matte Finish Varnish is a water-based polycarbonate topcoat designed to seal and protect surfaces painted with House&Canvas Chalk Finish Furniture Paint.  It can also be used on stained or bare wood surfaces.  Ideal for use on high traffic surfaces such as tabletops, kitchen cupboards and floors.  Our Matte Finish Varnish Topcoat provides UV protection and is resistant to hot and cold water, household chemicals, and alcohol.  Our low odor formula is non-yellowing and dries quickly to an ultra matte finish.

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How To Use

How To Use Matte Finish Varnish Topcoat:

Preparation: Ensure the surface is completely dry and free of any dust or debris.  Stir thoroughly before each use.  Do not shake.  Test House&Canvas Matte Finish Varnish Topcoat in an inconspicuous area before beginning.

Application: Apply with a quality synthetic fiber brush, roller or sprayer.  Apply a thin coat using even. light strokes in the same direction.  Use fine-grit sandpaper between coats to remove and bubbles or build up.  Be sure to remove sanding dust prior to re-coating.  Allow 2 hours before re-coating.  Re-coat until surface appears even.  For optimal results, apply multiple thin coats, as opposed to one thick coat.  Allow Matte Finish Varnish Topcoat to fully cure for 24 hours before use.