House&Canvas Large Round Gray Bristle Wax Brush with Varnished Stencil Handle


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Our House&Canvas Large Round Gray Bristle Wax Brush was designed and manufactured in the USA. Each brush contains 100% all natural hog hair bristle with nickel plated steel ferrule and varnished solid hardwood handle. Our wax brushes are densely filled with bristles making the brush exceptionally durable and giving it the ability to hold an incredible amount of paint or wax.
Each brush is hand washed in an effort to minimize bristle loss. Spend more time working on your project and less time picking our bristles.

The Large Round Gray Bristle Wax Brush holds more wax than any of our brushes making it perfect for all projects – but particularly any where there is a lot of surface to cover.

Unlike many wax brushes on the market – when cleaned and properly maintained – any one of our durable wax brushes will likely be the last one you will ever need to buy. Our wax brushes are recommended to be used with our clear and dark waxes.


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