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House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint is the result of years of painting and experimenting by founder, designer and professional painter – Cait Geddes. Our paint recipe was developed by a team of Canadian chemists and replicates the exact properties that Cait envisioned. Our product is low VOC and is 100% Made In Canada.

Every color in the House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint line is a custom color – selected by us to represent the classic and the popular. All of our colors were selected to compliment each other. Color’s can be freely mixed together to create even more unique colors – but we think you will love our color’s the way they are!

Our paint was designed to be smooth – to allow more coverage with less stiffness – which means you need less of it.  If you suffer from arthritis or tendinitis you will likely find  relief with out paint – its easy to work with and a single brush full goes further than other paints you may have tried.

Many people choose to distress their surfaces. Our paint was designed specifically with this in mind. If you’ve tried a chalk style paint before you will notice that our paint is easier to control than most other brands – sanding is easier and its easier to obtain professional looking results. It is also designed to be chipped – if you are trying to achieve the “chippy look” our paint will not disappoint.

We created a Chalk Finish Paint and a color pallet keeping in mind the variety of styles and techniques that the paint will be use for. Whether you are painting or up-cycling something Victorian, Industrial, Modern or Shabby Chic – our paint was designed for you and your budget.

We use every paint product that we sell in our custom work – we wanted to make a paint that had all the properties to make fantastic looking furniture – but most of all we wanted to create something that was easy use.  Since our paint is so easy to use – its also a lot of fun!  You haven’t tried chalk painting until you have tried our Chalk Finish Paint.

House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint is formulated to be used on just about any surface including wood, glass, stone, plaster, drywall and metal. It requires no sanding or priming and dries in about an hour. Our Chalk Finish Paint dries to a soft, matte finish in just one hour. It’s also virtually odorless, so it can be used indoors.

Our paint is available in 1 US quart containers.

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