Make your house your canvas, with our top-quality, water-based paint that dries to an ultra-matte, chalk finish. Our easy-to-use, self-leveling formula requires no base coat or primer, no stripping and no sanding. Ideal for painting all types of furniture, cabinetry, upholstery, walls and other surfaces including veneer, laminate, metal, concrete and plastic. Proudly made in Canada, our paint is non-toxic, with ultra-low VOCs for safe indoor use. Our paint is shipped to your door in our signature, eco-friendly hybrid container available in Pint (16oz) or Quart (32oz) size.


Detailed “How-To” Instructions found HERE.


PREPARATION: Wash your surface thoroughly.  Ensure the surface is free of any grease, grime or dirt and completely dry.  Stir thoroughly from the bottom before and during application. Use fine-grit sandpaper to lightly scuff any high gloss surfaces.


APPLICATION: Apply an even amount using a quality paint brush, roller or sprayer.  Apply in smooth, even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid heavy pressure and back-brushing.  Allow 1-2* hours before recoating.  Between each coat, use a fine-grit sandpaper (220) to remove any brush strokes, drip marks or build-up.  Remove all dust before recoating.  Wait 24* hours before applying a topcoat.

*Dry time is calculated based on typical environmental conditions. Extreme temperatures or humidity may affect dry time.


TOPCOAT: Add long-lasting protection and durability with a House&Canvas topcoat.

CLEANUP: Wash brushes and equipment with warm soapy water immediately after use.


STORAGE: Wipe away any excess paint from the lip of the can to prevent rusting.  Ensure the lid is fully sealed when not in use.  Store indoors at room temperature. Avoid extreme heat and freezing


View a detailed list of FAQs HERE.


Our paint will adhere to all types of furniture, cabinetry, upholstery, wall and other surfaces including laminate, metal, concrete and plastic.


Yes, you can paint right over a previously painted, waxed, varnished or poly’d surface.


Yes.  Our paint is water-based, very low odor with no VOCs, making it safe for indoor use.


Our paint is durable on it’s own, but because it dries to an ultra-matte, chalk finish, it will scuff.  To seal and protect your freshly painted surface, we recommend adding a protective topcoat such as our  Ultra-Matte Wax or Clear Topcoat (Ideal for high traffic surfaces)


This is called bleeding – it happens from time to time with old furniture that has a reddish stain or with knotty woods.  This is caused by the natural tannins in the wood bleeding through.  To avoid this, apply a coat of shellac sealant prior to applying the paint.


Yes.  Our paint is designed to be mixed together to create endless color combinations.


Watch a quick video and read some FAQs here:


Our paint has extreme coverage.  You’ll be surprised at how far one can goes! Send your project ideas along with pictures to [email protected] and we will help you order exactly what you need.


Clean your paint brush with mild soap and warm water.  Continue to clean your brush until the water runs clear.  Always hang your brush upside down to dry.


Any additional questions, email us anytime:

[email protected]


14k YELLOW GOLD: A deep, warm, golden yellow.


ANGORA: The perfect white with a neutral undertone.


BARNDOOR RED: A traditional, warm, country red.


BLUEGRASS: An equal blend of blue and green.


BURNT SIENNA: A warm, terracotta red with a brown undertone.


CHAMPAGNE: an antique, warm, off-white.


CITYSCAPE: Dark grey with a neutral undertone.


DUSTY ROSE: A muted pink with grey undertone.


EVERGREEN: A strong, medium, forest green.


INDUSTRIAL BLUE: A medium grey/blue.


LINEN: A medium, warm beige with a neutral undertone.


MOUNTAIN MOSS: a warm, mossy green.


NEWPORT: A cool, medium, coastal blue.


OCEANA: A rich, deep teal.


RICH NAVY: A perfect, navy blue.


RIVER ROCK: A medium grey with a neutral undertone.


SANDSTONE: An off-white-beige with neutral undertones.


SHADOW: is our perfect black.


SILVER SAGE: a cool, sage green.


STERLING: A cool, pale grey with a neutral undertone.


SUMMER GRACE: A subtle, pale pink.


THYMELESS: A soft, earthy green with a grey undertone.


UNDERGROUND: A warm neutral green, with a deep olive undertone.


WHISPER: A soft, pastel turquoise, with more blue than green.