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We do not offer color cards or samples at this time, but encourage you to view the gallery on our website found HERE for examples and inspiration from our customers.


Each can of House&Canvas Furniture Paint has a hand-painted color sticker on the exterior, so you can preview the actual color before committing to opening the can.  View our return policy HERE.

House&Canvas is a direct-to-consumer, online-only retailer.  We do not have a physical location.  Our products are only available for purchase on our website and a limited number of third party marketplaces. ALL orders are sold and shipped by House&Canvas.

House&Canvas is dedicated to offering our customers top quality products at low prices.  By only selling direct to consumer, our customers get to enjoy the lowest prices possible.  At this time, we do not offer wholesale accounts.  


Our paint will adhere to all types of furniture, cabinetry, upholstery, wall and other surfaces including laminate, metal, concrete and plastic.

Yes, you can paint right over a previously painted, waxed, varnished or poly’d surface.

Yes.  Our paint is water-based, very low odor and ultra low VOC, making it safe for indoor use.

Our paint is durable on it’s own, but because it dries to an ultra-matte, chalk finish, it will scuff.  To seal and protect your freshly painted surface, we recommend adding a protective topcoat such as our Matte Finish Varnish or Ultra-Matte Wax.

This is called bleeding – it happens from time to time with old furniture that has a reddish stain or with knotty woods.  This is caused by the natural tannins in the wood bleeding through.  To avoid this, apply a coat of shellac sealant prior to applying the paint.

Yes.  Our paint is designed to be mixed together to create endless color combinations.

Our paint has extreme coverage.  You’ll be surprised at how far one can goes! Send your project ideas along with pictures to [email protected] and we will help you order exactly what you need.

This is not mold!!  Our Walnut and Amber tinted waxes are simply clear wax with a color tint.  The white spots are just some natural separation that may occur over time.  They disappear as soon as you run your wax brush or lint-free cloth over them.

Clean your paint brush with mild dish soap and warm water.  Continue to clean your brush until the water runs clear.  Always hang your brush upside down to dry.

Wax can be dissolved off your brush by soaking it in a small amount of mineral spirits. Follow by washing the brush with mild dish soap and warm water.