How To Paint An Old Oak Hutch!

These old, dated oak hutches are on buy and sell sites non stop… you can easily score one for under $100 bucks.  I bought one off Kijiji for around $50 bucks.  I love them because the hutch comes off which…

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How To Stencil Like A Boss

  Stenciling on your furniture is one of the oldest and easiest ways to take your furniture to the next level.  Stenciling has a bad reputation in some circles for being too dated, too country, too messy, or too make…

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Top Looks For Christmas 2018

It’s Easter weekend and I’m spending my Satuday happily at the shop getting a few things done. A customer walked in and says “Oh, I love your store, I can’t wait to see it at Christmas”, which threw me into instant…

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