Thanks for stopping by!   I’m Cait, Founder/Owner of House&Canvas.   We are a paint company dedicated to creating high quality, low price, DIY products so you can easily finish all your projects with confidence, creativity and ease!

House&Canvas started way back in 2011 when my family and I spontaneously decided to pack our bags, say good-bye to the ‘burbs, and purchase a 100 acre hobby farm in Jarvis, Ontario.   The property housed a gorgeous, historical farmhouse that boasted a ton of original features (like to-die-for natural oak pocket doors leading to a library!).   I fell inlove with my farmhouse and dedicated all my spare time to decorating it to be my dream home.   Fortunately, I had recently graduated from art and design school, and had an amazing faculty train me on color and design.

I did a lot of the work myself… not just to save money, but because I have always loved a good DIY project (and I spent many hours in the workshop while at school!).   There’s nothing more satisfying than being creative and finishing a project with my own two hands.   In the surrounding areas of Jarvis, antique markets and second hand shops were a dime a dozen.   I got seriously hooked on refinishing furniture!!

My husband caught on to all the projects I was undertaking and suggested a start a blog.   I loved the idea of sharing my passion with the world, so I started my first blog, “My House, My Canvas”.

Over the following years, I took my passion for design and decor and started a freelance design career taking on various projects.   From creating design boards and color consultations to designing renovations and flipping houses.   But at the end of the day, my paint brush was always calling my name.

I decided to focus all my time to what brought me the most joy – refinishing furniture.   Not before long, my freelance career had suddenly become a full time flipping furniture career and my blog took off!   I was doing a ton of guest blog posts and I just loved that I was able to share my passion for color, paint and furniture with others, all the while working from home.

But, my business soon grew too big to keep at home.   I was blessed to quickly find an adorable retail shop location Downtown Burlington, Ontario, Canada.   It was here I sold my refinished furniture, custom painted for customers and hosted workshops.

When deciding what products I was going to carry at the store, I was frustrated to say the least!  There were no companies that had exactly what I was looking for, at a decent price point. To be honest, I’ve always mixed my own paint to get exactly what I want… so I decided it was time to create my own line of products and share my experience and expertise with my fellow DIY’ers!

House&Canvas is dedicated to creating colors that are on-trend, but classic.   We have a color to suit everyone’s needs, but not too many where you get overwhelmed!  Our furniture paint is top-notch quality, at a fraction of the cost of others.   I did this on purpose, because I truly believe that everyone should have access to quality tools for their projects.   An after all, isn’t a huge part of refinishing furniture the fact that it’s cost effective?!?!   Our chalk finish paint is designed to be easy to use with pro results.   So you can be proud of your project and have the confidence to paint anything!!

Our furniture wax top coat is like nothing on the market today!   It’s so easy to use, it’s basically fool proof!!  Our tinted waxes are just that – tinted clear wax.   No need to apply clear wax before dark wax.   Our Amber and Walnut wax is super translucent so you don’t have to be afraid of dark wax anymore!   It goes on light, so you can layer it and control the depth.

It didn’t take very long for people to catch on to the amazing paint line, so in 2019, I decided to close our brick and mortar retail shop, so I can concentrate full time on further developing and distributing House&Canvas products!! We made the decision to sell our products direct to consumer solely online through our website and marketplaces.  By cutting out the middleman retailer, you guys get the best price possible!  I am dedicated to providing you with simple, easy to use DIY products.   You don’t have to be artistic or handy or even creative to use these products.   They have been built to suit everyone from beginner to expert.   Enjoy!   Have fun!   Get hooked!!

xo Cait

Got any questions?? Shoot me an email here:  [email protected]

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