Newbie Tips for a Furniture Flipping Business

Small businesses are on the rise now more than ever. With a lot of people spending more time at home now, starting a small business is much easier.

One small business idea that is thriving nowadays is furniture flipping. The idea here is to buy a piece of furniture, usually thrifted, and upcycle it by improving its physical aspects, and sell it at a higher price. Then the cycle repeats.

In this article, we’ll share some newbie tips for those who are specifically looking into starting their own furniture flipping biz!

  1. Create your guidelines on choosing the best furniture to flip
    Just like any other business, you need to establish your own guidelines to guide you in finding the perfect piece to upcycle. These guidelines will help you narrow down your choices and saves you the time and hassle to go through every detail. Important things to note are the price, the condition, and the quality of the materials used. You have to inspect or check the piece beforehand so there will be no regrets after you’ve paid for the item!
  2. Start searching for furniture to flip
    Ideally, you have to keep your expenses low when starting out. One sure place to look for your first piece of furniture is in your own garage or attic. There may be something there that you’ve long forgotten or a piece that you once kept for future uses but haven’t really had a chance to use
    it anyways. You never know, that piece might just be in your own home!

Another great place to find furniture pieces is the internet. We’re living in the digital age so most likely, people are posting their furniture pieces online. Try to check Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or any other marketplace. There may even be online thrift stores! Just keep looking.

  1. Prepare your workspace
    A working space is important for this type of business. This dedicated space could either be just your workspace or can also double as your storage room. Your workspace must also be equipped with the tools that you need to fix and upcycle your furniture. You would also need some storage to keep your paints, tools, and any other necessary equipment.
  2. Know where to sell
    You have to know who your target audience is and know where they’re hanging out most of the time. Knowing where to sell is part of marketing, and in business, marketing plays a huge role in the success of a business. Instagram is a great place to showcase your work and to network with
    people who are on the hunt for upcycled furniture pieces. You can also try to sell via Facebook marketplace.

Furniture flipping is a thriving and fun business idea to start. If you’re someone who loves decorating your home, it would be nice to have something new to add at home from time to time. So the market is competitively huge; there is enough demand. Why not try it today?