How to Keep White Wooden Furniture Clean

Wood furniture never goes out of style. Whether your home’s general design theme is vintage, modern, or mid-century, wood furniture can perfectly blend on to any of them.

Wooden furniture can come in a variety of colors. Some are naturally preserved, so the original colors of the wood are retained for a rustic, and more natural feel. However, some opt to have them painted. One common color for painting wood is white.

White wooden furniture is a simple yet classy piece to add to any home. However, wood furniture can be a challenge to clean and maintain. Plus the fact that the wood furniture is white adds to the challenge. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to clean and maintain white wooden furniture and keep them looking their best.

Consider using a soft, microfiber cloth when cleaning.

Using a soft microfiber cloth is recommended when cleaning white wooden furniture. This is because the soft cloth will not leave any marks due to its texture. This type of cloth can also clean spills quickly (if there are any!).

Dust that settles on white wooden furniture is usually easily to spot, so to use a soft microfiber cloth helps to prevent more dust to settle on it. You will need to wipe the surface with a slightly dampened cloth. This will ensure that there will be no dusting left.

Use the best and available wood furniture polish or wax to protect your white furniture.

The good thing about using a polish or furniture wax on white wooden furniture is that this can potentially prevent the presence of scratches on the surface. The polish or the wax can be applied on the surface, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for protection against damage.

Choose the product that has been tried and tested so you won’t need to worry about damaging your treasured furniture pieces.

Never use cleaning sprays on white wooden furniture pieces.

Be careful not to use all-purpose cleaning sprays on wooden furniture pieces. These sprays tend to have chemicals that are not made for treated wood. In removing light scratches or stains, you may remove them by using a soft, lint-free cloth that’s slightly damped with soap and water. Carefully remove the scratch and stain by applying gentle pressure on it. Then dry it with a different cloth that is both clean and soft.

White wooden furniture is definitely challenging to maintain and clean! However, the effort is worth it because pieces like this bring joy and serenity to any space. Do you have other tips on how to keep white furniture pieces clean and free from stains? We’d love to hear more ideas!