6 Clear Signs that it’s Time To Repaint Your Furniture

It is common for humans to constantly aim for improvement or change to strengthen one’s sense of self-love. In fact, everyone needs a fresh start once in a while. As time passes, your pieces of furniture at home will show noticeable marks of wear and tear. So, why don’t you give your furniture some tender loving care and start afresh!

If you aren’t sure about when to start repainting your furniture, here are some signs that you need to look out for.

Visible watermarks, stains, and discoloration. These blemishes make your
furniture look undesirable and this problem can occur when you are not cleaning your furniture properly. Discoloration happens when the ambient environment of light, temperature, and humidity, is poorly controlled and may cause damage over time. So, if you start to notice these imperfections, consider refurbishing as your next step.

  • Dents and scratches are common evidence that your furniture has been used regularly. Now it’s time for you to give your furniture a break and give it a makeover that it deserves.
  • Paint chipping or peeling happens when the existing paint finish did not adhere correctly on the surface of your furniture which indicates that your furniture needs a new fresh coat of chalk finish paint.
  • The existence of sticky spots on the surfaces is normally found on kitchen furniture due to the accumulation of grime deposits when preparing or cooking food. If these sticky spots won’t go away after several times of cleaning, then refinishing your furniture should be an option to fix the problem.
  • When you see portions of wood exposed underneath the existing layer of paint of your furniture, it means that your furniture needs a new paint finish to protect it from further damage.
  • Changes in your home décor may provide you with an opportunity to upcycle or bring new life to your old furniture and may also allow you to be creative and versatile in decorating by repainting it with a different color that matches your home’s new style.

Every piece of furniture needs to be maintained from time to time. If you have a piece of furniture that has been neglected for quite some time now, whether it’s something you have bought from a thrift shop or inherited from a grandparent, you can still bring it back to life and turn it into a beautiful piece as it once was.

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