4 Top Tips When Buying Second-hand Furniture

With the increase in carbon footprint in the world today, buying used things, particularly furniture is a cost-effective and sustainable option compared to shopping for brand-new items.

Secondhand furniture shopping is booming now more than ever. Since a lot of us are spending more of our time at home now, sustainable living by buying secondhand furniture has been on the rise.

This is exactly the reason why there are a lot of people have started flipping furniture as a side hustle! A previously loved piece is improved and has become useful once again.

So what are some tips when buying used furniture then? Find out in this article!

  • When buying second-hand furniture, do a quick check about the piece.
    It would be great to ask the seller why they’re selling this particular piece. Another would be to research more about the model or kind of furniture online. You might discover if the selling price is way over the top or just right. You might even come across a better deal online!
    Bottom line is, do some research first. Know more about the furniture piece before sending in your payment!
  • Carefully check for bed bugs.
    Getting rid of bed bugs is a hard thing to do, especially when the piece of furniture has already been severely infested by them. Before you purchase any secondhand furniture, make sure to inspect it. If there are bed bugs, consider looking for another one. Or if you think you can work on removing the bed bugs yourself by deep cleaning, the choice is yours.
    Bed bugs can definitely affect not only the furniture but can also be a hazard to you and your family. You don’t wanna be waking up with bites every single day!
  • Check auction sites or online marketplaces for a wide range of selections.
    Furniture auctions are online and are usually announced as classified ads. Use them to your advantage by checking them when thinking about buying second-hand furniture. Online marketplaces also have tons of used furniture listed every single day. Checking the quality, condition, and prices online can significantly help you make your decision faster.
  • Once you’ve already bought your first piece of second-hand furniture, make sure to use green painting, and cleaning solutions and supplies when remodeling or refinishing. Paint and varnish with ultra-low VOCs will help in prepping your piece with little to no bad odor. This will also help your furniture be free from off-gassing.

Buying second-hand furniture is a fun experience. It takes exploration, research, and investigation. When buying second-hand furniture, you’re helping the world lessen its toxic wastes. In this way, you’re championing for sustainability.

Who wouldn’t want that for the world, right? Ready to start your second-hand furniture hunt?