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How To Stage And Photograph Your Flipped Furniture


So you’ve turned your hobby into a business. But if you’re more of a DIY person, and not a marketing and sales person, staging (and selling!) your flipped furniture might be a challenge!

Styling your furniture is a must if your goal is to sell it. If you been to home décor or furniture stores, you might have already seen all the beautifully staged furniture. So how do you achieve just that for your own business?

In today’s article, we’ll be sharing three tips that you can do to stage and style your painted furniture. You can use these tips to take product photos and ultimately, sell the flipped furniture pieces that you worked hard on!

Choose A Space

Before starting to stage your furniture, choose where you will stage your furniture at home. It is important that the background is not distracting so the eyes are led to the furniture. Additionally, this area must also be enough for the photos to not to look so cramped. Choose an area where you can stage the furniture while having enough negative space around.

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Shoot With Natural Lighting

In photography, natural lighting is key. And this same concept applies to staging furniture as well. Your space must have enough natural lighting in it so that the colors of the furniture will stand out. When you shoot with natural lighting, the colors appear to be more natural, so your flipped furniture is highlighted.

Choose Accents

When choosing props and other elements to add in staging your furniture, make sure that these elements do not overshadow the furniture. Remember that the furniture is what you’re selling and not the elements in it. Go for subtle, neutral elements to add to your set-up.


When staging your furniture, the goal in mind is to make the piece of furniture stand out. By using these tips, you can create your own style and stage your furniture in a way that sells.

Which tip have you been doing already? Comment below!