How To Pick Interior Color Schemes

silver sage desk

Choosing colors can be a bit overwhelming. With the multitude of color choices and inspirations literally everywhere, one might end up spending so much time on choosing the right color schemes for one’s homes or interior projects.

Another challenge is that most of us aren’t really interior designers by craft! So you might be asking yourself… How can I even pick a color scheme if I don’t have any interior design background?

Why pick a color scheme?

Picking a color scheme is important to make things all coherent. With a put-together theme, all the elements in a room match each other. For instance, this Silver Sage piece of furniture looks perfect with all the other elements because of a unified color scheme.

silver sage desk

So in this article, we’ll share with you two ways on how to pick interior color schemes that you can use TODAY for your home or any interior design project.

Learn About The Color Wheel

The color wheel is a visual representation of how colors blend together. When you understand how to use this, you can create visually appealing color schemes.

There are 12 divisions in the color wheel and are further categorized in three groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

color wheel

Let’s begin with the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. From the name itself, all the other colors are generated from a combination of these three.

Secondary colors are orange, green, and violet. These are created from mixing two primary colors.

Tertiary colors are yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green. These colors are formed when one primary color and a secondary color are mixed together.

So now that you already know the color wheel, how do you pick the color scheme? To start, think of the theme that you want your room to have. Then you can go for monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and triad color schemes. All of these are entirely from the color wheel.

Use Online Tools For Generating Colors

Now that we live in a digital world, there are lots of online tools that are available to help newbie decorators.

These tools help in generating color schemes for an interior space or home décor project.

color card fan

There are two types of online color tools: color generator and color visualizer.

To pick color schemes, you can go to color generating sites. These sites help to identify color schemes while you can tweak them a bit depending on your preference.

Some helpful sites are Sessions, Canva , and Spin the Wheel.

What color scheme do you plan for your next project? Will you use the color wheel or the color generator tools? Let us know!