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5 Easy Ways to Make your Dream Bedroom Today

bed with painting and two lamps

You may have that Pinterest board with all of your dream bedroom ideas. You may even have visualized yourself choosing the right bed frame, or buying the prettiest pillow you’ve ever laid your eyes on. However, not everyone has the opportunity and resources to redo their current bedrooms. So here are five easy ways to make your dream bedroom today.

1. Choose a bold art that matches with your personality.
Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Aside from being your place of retreat after hard day’s work, your bedroom reflects the snippets of your quirky personality. Why not materialize it through a bold piece of art? Hang it on a wall or place it on your nightstand, this art piece serves as a reminder that your personality is unique and there’s no one else like you in this world.

bed with painting and two lamps

2. Light up the space.
Light plays a very important role in any room or space. Light affects human’s moods and emotions. Place a piece of lighting furniture—whether it’s a floor lamp or a desk lamp—onto where it doesn’t directly hurt your eyes. Position it in an area where it’s needed. Light adds personality into a room, so might as well bring it in. Chalk Finish Paint can transform an old light fixture into something new and is a great way to add a pop of color to a space.

pink bed with side lamp

3. Lay a vibrant, colorful rug on the floor.
To get a cozy vibe, lay a vibrant rug onto your bedroom’s floor. The rug creates layers within the room so it adds a creative flair. Patterned rugs bring in a playful character, too.

bed in room with green accent wall

4. Bring the outdoors in.
Decorating a bedroom with plants is a good and healthy way to bring the outdoors in. But if you’re not someone with a green thumb, opt to paint your furniture with hints of green instead. Adding greenery into your safe space brings life to it.

green dresser with gold pulls

5. Jazz up your pillows.
Mix and match the colors and patterns of your pillows! Without having to do a major room makeover, this easy tip can be done anytime. And whenever you feel like changing your room’s vibe, just grab your favorite pillow covers, and voila—instant redo!

You see, with minimal room changes, you can express your personality through your bedroom aesthetics. And no, it doesn’t need to be pricey and time-consuming, thrifting is a fun and easy way to keep costs down. All you need is a ‘lil bit of motivation to start and turn that dream bedroom into a reality today.

How would you describe your dream bedroom?