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3 Ways To Add Pink To Your Home

pink chair

Funny how pink is so tricky that many love it and detest it! While some may see this as ultra-feminine, pink is entirely versatile in that it can be paired with other colors! When it comes to decorating, pink can be a starting point to turning any room or space into something chic and sassy. However, with so many available shades out there, choosing the right shade can be overwhelming!

But the key is this: get creative and try things out! Pink can be a lot of fun, we tell you!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on how to add pink to your home.

Accent Chair

Millennial pink is the perfect shade for an accent chair. When you want to highlight any space, use a millennial pink accent chair and stage it with other objects at home like frames, books, and even your favorite coffee mug! Doing so will help the chair stand out, and be an “accent” in that particular space. Remember to keep your decor simple so as not to make it too distracting to look at.

pink chair

Accent Wall

Whether you’re still deciding on painting all walls or only one, you can start with just one wall. Just like the accent chair, think of this as your room’s “accent” wall. With one pink wall, this will make a space more colorful while having all the other walls neutral. The pro? You won’t get tired of seeing pink all throughout the space!

When choosing the shade to use on your wall, choose a bright and bold color or a soft pastel pink.

You can then add some décor to upgrade the accent wall. Choose an art piece that matches your personality. In this way, your wall becomes more personalized as it reflects you. An art piece always has a way of making any wall more creative and vibrant.

pink accent wall

DIY Everything

If you’re still not sure what décor to buy, how about going for a DIY project? You only need one thing: your choice of paint! Transform your old vase, chest, or table—-the sky’s the limit! With paint, you can work on whatever that you have at home and give it a revamp.

Pink goes well with gold touches. Take a look at these photos below!


Pink furniture makes any space gorgeous. The versatility of a blush pink shade like this makes it easy for it to match any interior design theme. With its feminine flair, pink adds a lovely vibe to any space.

The possibilities are endless with pink! With home décor, you can always experiment, get creative, and take risks just to see which pink hues are perfect for your dwelling.

Don’t stress it out! Have fun!

Do you have any pink décor at home? Share it with us!