3 Ways The Design Of Your Home Affects Your Mood

christmas ornament - its good to be home

Surprisingly, the built environment affects our mood in multiple ways. The way elements are placed has an impact on our well-being. Certain colors and designs have impressions on us, thus, influencing how we react on them. In fact, researches have proved that home design and décor can greatly affect our mood—both positively and negatively.
In this article, we’ll share three ways on how home décor affects your mood positively.

This mini-guide will help you decide on the design and décor elements to choose when you’re considering to do a home makeover.

christmas ornament - its good to be home

1. Interior And Exterior Views

Looking out to an exterior view helps reduce fatigue and gives your eyes a quick rest. When decorating your home or any interior space, check the views and choose the best ones. These views affect the mood positively because of their soothing vibes.

The best views are often adjacent to windows for two reasons: first, you can clearly see the view outside, whether it’s a pocket garden or a countryside; and second, natural light enters the space through the window, giving it a comfortable and warm feeling.

modern living space

2. Color Choices

The psychology of color tells us that colors have a direct link to our reactions. There are colors that ignite happiness, anger, and even sadness. For example, in the context of fast-food chains, the color scheme usually involves red, yellow, or orange. Red usually makes people feel hungry while yellow provides comfort.

In the same manner, pastel shades are great for any given interior space because these colors tend to be comforting and relaxing.

modern kitchen shot from living room

3. Lighting

Bright rooms tend to give us a better mood compared to dark rooms. It’s important to fill the spaces with as much natural light as possible. To do this, open up windows or use sheer curtains. Another way to make a room brighter is by choosing light paints for your walls and furniture. Doing this will help bounce the light.

couch and table with large window

When designing your home, it’s important to consider not only the theme and the aesthetics but also how this will affect your mood. After all, you’re the end-user, so it’s important that you’re comfortable in your own space.