3 Things to Do Before Painting Children’s Furniture

painted dressor

Children at their early age are known to have an innate need to explore and tinker with different objects at home. During their learning and exploration years, they are often seen playing using their hands and mouths.

This raises concern among parents because they need to ensure their children’s safety in all aspects. This could include choosing non-hazardous toys, buying intact furniture, and selecting child-safe paints to use for their furniture pieces.

Standard paint contains ingredients that may not be entirely child-safe. Ingredients like benzene and formaldehyde could lead to serious damages to a child’s nervous system. Thus, parents need to be mindful in choosing paints to use at home so that their children will be safe from any harmful toxins and chemicals.

If you’re thinking of giving a makeover on your child’s furniture pieces by painting, here are three things that you need to do before doing so.

1. Inspect the piece of furniture thoroughly.

Before painting, inspect the piece of furniture. Give it a good shake. Check the hinges, handles, and joints. It would be a waste to paint on unstable furniture. Also, nobody wants an unstable piece of furniture for the kids. So tighten things up as needed. If the piece of furniture is a bit tacky, you might want to find a sturdier piece that’s safer for your children to use.

2. Check the paints for child-safe ingredients.

When painting children’s furniture, you need to ensure that your paints are not hazardous and are safe for them to use. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels should be low to zero. The paints must also be non-toxic.

Here at House&Canvas, all of our paints are non-toxic and water-based. Additionally, they have an ultra-low level of VOC. Our paints are also odorless, making them perfect for indoor furniture use.

painted dressor

3. Ensure that you have adequate ventilation.

Although you have non-toxic paints, it’s important to have adequate ventilation in any given space. Chalk finish paint like ours is odor-free, however, ventilation is still necessary.

Revamping your children’s furniture is a simple and creative way to inspire a fun learning environment for them. As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe should you decide to re-do their furniture through painting.

Which piece of your children’s furniture would you give a makeover now?