How To Create A Faux Patina Using Paint

Guest Blogger: Georgia Niblock


I recently purchased a used armoire for $50. It had a huge hole in the back; probably for a TV at one time. I wanted to use it as a hutch. I removed the top doors and created a pretty DIY background.

I’m going to show you how to create a beautiful faux patina background on paintable wallpaper using House&Canvas Furniture Paint in River Rock and Angora. This background can be used for whatever kind of project you want! So easy!

piece of plywood

I decided plywood would be the easiest material to use to cover the hole in the back of the armoire. My husband purchased a sheet at Lowes, and cut it down to size.

Screwing in plywood with drill
Attaching plywood

We attached the plywood on the inside of the armoire using a cordless drill and screws.

playwood and screw inside hutch frame

We placed a screw in each corner and one in the center at both the top and bottom of the plywood.

TV cutout on back of hutch covered by plywood

This is a view from the outside back of the armoire. It gives you an idea of the hole we covered.

wallpaper roll, white, patterned
Paintable wallpaper

I had this roll of paintable wallpaper leftover from another project. I liked the pattern and decided it would be great for this project.

White patterned wallpaper cut down middle.
Cutting the wallpaper

I measured the area I planned to cover with the wallpaper. After doing so, I cut two pieces of wallpaper, one for the top and one for the bottom. I made sure to line them up, before painting to see if they matched upright.

Brush painting grey paint on patterned wallpaper
Painting the wallpaper

I wanted a patina, tin-ish kind of look. To achieve this, I first applied House&Canvas Furniture Paint in River Rock, to both sheets of wallpaper. This is a really pretty grey, and was perfect for this project!

Grey Wallpaper

After I applied one coat of grey paint, the wallpaper looked like this. I let it dry completely before applying the white paint.

Applying Angora paint

In order to create a patina look, I applied a good amount of white paint on my round brush. I used House&Canvas paint, in Angora, to achieve the white patina. I wanted it to have a textured feel; and decided using a blotting effect would work.

Blotting the paint

I literally blotted the white paint on top of the grey. I did this all over both sheets of wallpaper.

Finished effect

After the paint has dried, you should have a pretty patina appearance. I sealed it using the House&Canvas Furniture Wax in clear.


I used tacky glue to attach the wallpaper. I chose this method because I had it on hand, and it holds up well.


I really love the white patina against the wood!

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