6 Ways To Add Navy Blue To Your Decor!

The colors we use in our home are a reflection of our personalities and can effect our thoughts and moods every day. That’s why decorating with colors that make us happy are so important. Color trends will come and go, so it’s best to decorate with colors that are pleasing to your eye, that way your home will always be beautiful.

One of my favorite colors to decorate with is Navy Blue. The color blue is
considered calming, relaxing and serene and is said to even bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. Who wouldn’t want add such a beautiful color to their home.

House&Canvas Furniture Paint in Rich Navy has always been one of my favourite colors to work with. It’s so velvety, smooth, and rich, just like it’s name!

Here are 6 ways to add some Navy Blue (or your favourite color) to any home with just paint!

1 – Paint a statement piece of furniture: The easiest way to add a pop of color to your space is to paint a piece of furniture a fabulous pop of color. If you paint alllll your furniture one color, it may be too much. So, pick a piece or two in your space and paint away. Imagine painting your office desk Navy Blue!! Or just your bedside tables. Gorgeous!

2 – Paint your Kitchen Island: Painted kitchens are sooooo on trend right now. Which is great, since it’s a cheap and easy way to update your dated cabinets on a budget. But painting an entire kitchen navy could be a bit much for some. A great option is to add a pop of colour by painting just your island. You can use House&Canvas Furniture Paint of cabinetry. Just remember to give your surface a good clean before hand to remove any grease or grime! Top coat with wax or any water-based poly!

3- Paint your Bathroom Vanity: Don’t just stop at painting your kitchen island, paint your bathroom vanity too!! Navy Blue is one of my most favourite colors to work with because it matches all metals. Faucets, light fixtures and hardware can be expensive to change, but luckily navy matches everything! – brass, nickle, chrome, black. It goes with it all!

4 – Create some Wall Art: Adding some new wall art is a great, inexpensive way to add your favourite pop of colour to a space. You can save even more money by DIY’ing your wall decor. You can often find canvas’s on sale at your local craft store and paint them in your style. Or, add a fun, personal, unique touch by giving your little kids a canvas, a paint brush and the paint colour of your choice!

5 – Paint some Accent Pieces: Maybe painting a large piece of furniture in your home is a little to much for you! Don’t worry!! Take baby steps and try painting a few small pieces first. Lamp bases, picture frames, vases, side tables, trays or even planters. House&Canvas Furniture Paint can be used on a multitude of surfaces like metal, glass, wood or even mirror!

6 – Paint a Feature Wall: Painting just one wall in a room is a quick and easy way to add a striking pop of colour to your space. Bedrooms are a great place to paint a bold colour on the wall behind your headboard. Navy Blue is so neutral, that you can really pair it with any other wall colour and mix and match complimentary accent colours to match any decor.

What’s your favoruote way to add a splash of colour to your space?