How To Paint A Metal And Vinyl Barstool

painting vinyl and metal barstool

Lately I have been super busy helping my cousin and his wife update their apartment. They just had a baby (who is the cutest little munchkin btw), and his wife is feeling pretty overwhelmed by their home. They have tons of hand-me-down furniture that is all in great shape, but is dated and mismatched.

I offered to help her paint her furniture if she choose a color palette for us to work with. She chose to use Linen, Angora and Silver Sage 🙂

She has this one tiny section of her kitchen counter that is the perfect size for just one counter height stool. My cousin uses it a lot to eat his breakfast before work, so I wanted to get them a great stool… the hand-me-down they were using had seen better days!

Hand-me-down Bar Stool

Their hand-me-down bar stool is definately not the prettiest, but apparently my cousin absolutely LOVES this silly stool. He thinks it’s comfy, the perfect height, and he likes the way it swivels. There was no way that I was letting this ugly hunter green stool in their apartment after redecorating , so I promised I’d give the stool a make over and make it fabulous for them!!

Green Hand-me-down Bar Stool

I decided to paint the metal frame using House&Canvas Angora, and the seat Silver Sage… Yes, you can use House&Canvas Furniture Paint on metal AND vinyl.

I gave the metal frame a quick scuff using 220 grit sandpaper. Painting white over a super dark colour can be challenging, so a quick scuff gives the paint something extra to hang on to. When painting white over such a dark colour, a quick scuff can save you an entire coat of paint.

This piece needed three coats of Angora. I let it dry over night, then rubbed on a thick coat of House&Canvas Furniture Wax in clear. I let that dry overnight and the frame was all set!

Since my cousin’s are young and just started a new family, every penny counts! Instead of purchasing new fabric and reupholstering the seat, I decided to paint it. Painting vinyl is so much cheaper and more durable than fabric.

There is no special preperation or method to painting vinyl. You literally paint it the same as any type of furniture… Just start painting!!!

1st Coat! Painting Vinyl
2nd Coat!

I gave the seat three coats of Silver Sage. After each coat of paint, I gave the seat a soft sanding with my 220 grit sandpaper. This just makes the seat stay cushy and stops it from getting too stif. I let the paint dry overnight, and rubbed on a thick coat of House&Canvas Furniture Wax in clear. I let that dry over night and the reassembled the stool.

3rd Coat (Still Drying!)

I’m so happy with how the stool turned out, and lemme tell ya, my cousin is happy too!!

Vinyl Green Hand-Me-Down Barstool
Freshly Painted
Barstool Before And After