Upgrading A Big-Box Store Desk With Hairpin Legs

For a while my daughter has been asking me to find her a new desk for her bedroom. I’m all about scouring second hand stores, garage sales and online classifieds for hardwood pieces to upcycle, but after searching all my spots I reealized it was impossible to find something trendy enough to appease my tween!!

Normally I hate supporting big box stores and their mass produced particle board furniture; but my kiddo loved the “Abbetved Desk” from JYSK. I ended up caving, and bought it for her a few weeks ago. I patiently waited for it to go on sale, and ended up snagging it for just over $100 bucks.

JYSK – ABBETVED Desk (White)

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and my daughter’s new JYSK desk suffered quite the injury…

I decided to move the desk to give her room a good vacuum. Rather than lifting it out of the way, I stupidly dragging it across carpeting. The next thing I knew, the base and legs of the desk ripped right off and the table top crashed to the floor!!

The top piece of the desk is made out of particle board (like most big box furniture) and the legs were screwed in with just a handful of little screws. Needless to say the screws were stripped right out of the desk so there was no getting them back in. Sliding it on carpeting was SO not smart!!!

To be fair, it was wonky from the get go, and I probably should have returned it – but my daughter loves the desk!

I was determined to fix the desk for my daughter. Luckily, I had these awesome 28 inch Penck Hairpin Coffee Table Legs from Amazon sitting in my basement DIY stash awaiting the perfect project.

Penck Hairpin Coffee Table Legs are easy to install because they literally come with everything you need, including the screws! They are super trendy, and sturdy enough to withstand a heavy table top.

Because the desk’s table top is particle board, I didn’t even have to pre-drill holes. I simply lined up the legs on all four sides by using the cardboard packaging that was protecting the top of the leg!! I love shortcuts!!

Unfortunately, the screws that were included with the hairpin legs were too long for this particular desk top. They would have poked right through. Once again, I went shopping in my DIY stash and found shorter screws. The ones I used were just 1/2 inch. Normally, a half inch screw is a bit small to support table legs, but these hair pin legs have 7 pre-drilled holes per leg. By the time I screwed in 7 screws on each of the four legs, the desk was completely sturdy and felt like a whole new piece.

The legs came with a screwdriver as part of their tool kit. I opted to use a power drill instead, but I love it when companies include EVERYTHING you need!

I attached all 4 legs in less than 5 minutes!! It was SO easy, look how amazing it turned out!!

The desk is now significantly sturdier than it was on the original frame. The hairpin legs not only added to the asthetic beauty of the piece, they made it much more structurally sound.

The hairpin legs not only allowed me to save my daughters desk, but they turned out to be an major upgrade!! The desk is now super sturdy and looks a bazillion times better, she loves it.

I always try to take my projects up a notch and customize as much as I can… so, I’m considering painting the legs to match the rest of my Daughter’s room.

You can use House&Canvas Furniture Paint to paint almost anything -including metal – so why not give the legs a bit more “umph” by changing the color?!

Our paint is self priming, all you need to do is simply apply 2 coats of paint and seal it up with a coat of wax.