How To Paint Outdoor Cushions!

Spring has finally sprung!!

How many of you are bringing your outdoor furniture out of storage and thinking “geez, this stuff sure is looking tired?!” Let’s face it, outdoor furniture can get beat up pretty bad from being outside in the elements and pushed in and out of storage – especially cushions – they fade and get stained. Even if your cushions are in mint condition – styles change. Cushions with green palm trees on a rust background were in style a few years ago, but we all know it’s starting to look dated!

Replacing your cushions can be super costly. And unfortunately, the patterns offered by the big box shops aren’t original, stylish or trendy. There’s always the option of sewing your own cushions, but who has time for that?!?!

Not to worry peeps, I have the perfect solution for you! FURNITURE PAINT! Yes, you can paint your outdoor cushions and you won’t believe how comfy, durable, and fabulous they look. AND it’s super quick and cheap!

How To Paint Your Outdoor Cushions!

  1. Remove any dirt or grime from your cushions
  2. Give your paint can a good stir to get all that yummy pigment from the bottom.
  3. Apply one coat of paint.
    • Brush it on with a natural bristle brush. Don’t use a cheap synthetic brush, you’ll get brush strokes! Always use a quality brush! Purchase a House&Canvas Natural Bristle Paint Brush!
    • You can go quite thick with your paint. Don’t be afraid to really slap it on. Just be sure to apply in even, smooth strokes. You can see how heavy I go in the video at the end of this post.
  4. Let the first coat completely dry and paint on another coat
    • Remember that fabric takes longer to dry than furniture. The first coat may take a few hours to fully dry.
  5. Let it sit overnight
  6. Using fine-grit sandpaper (180+), gently sand your surface
    • When I say sand your surface, I mean a quick, super soft sand just to soften the paint a wee bit. Don’t go working up a sweat. Just one or two strokes.
  7. Dust off your surface and apply a coat of House&Canvas Wax Top Coat in Clear
    • Use a brush or a lint-free cloth and apply a thin layer of wax
    • Remove any opaque wax build-up with a lint-free cloth
  8. Let your cushions sit for a few days so the wax can fully cure. Then they are good to go!
Painting Outdoor Cushions With Chalk Finish Paint
Painting Outdoor Cushions With Chalk Finish Paint

Once your cushions are finished and the wax has had a chance to fully cure they are ready to enjoy. The beauty of the wax topcoat is that it is water-resistant. Liquid will just bead off. You’ll notice after lots of use our chalk finish paint does NOT crack, nor rub off.

The only thing you want to avoid is leaving your cushions in direct sunlight or exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Like anything that sits in direct sunlight, they will be at risk of fading or the wax becoming soft. Wax is not UV resistant.

If you would like to give your cushions an extra durable, direct sun, all-weather topcoat, there are products on the market that can be found at your local hardware store. The trade-off to these products is that they are stiff and not as soft and comfy as our wax. Most of them will have a glossy sheen to them as well, whereas our wax is has a matte finish.

If you are looking to refinish the frame of your furniture, follow the same steps!

Can’t wait to see all your fabulous outdoor spaces 🙂

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Painting Outdoor Cushions With Chalk Finish Paint
Frame: Angora | Cushions: River Rock
Painting Outdoor Cushions With Chalk Finish Paint
Cushions: Linen