How To Stencil A Chalkboard With Chalkboard Markers

In my last post, I shared with y’all how to use House&Canvas Furniture Paint as chalkboard paint… you can read it here.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can easily use traditional chalk on your new chalk board… I got my white chalk from the dollar store! It’s a great option because it erases so easily and looks adorable. It’s a great option for kiddos just playing around, or for a project that changes all the time (like a to-do list). Sometimes, there are designs that require more precise lines, or something more durable than traditional chalk. This is when Chalk Markers are a great option.

My favorite chalk markers are by Chalkola. I love the color options, and the quality is top notch. They are non-toxic, xylene free, and odor free. You can use them on a variety of surfaces such as whiteboards, glass, non-porous blackboards, metal, ceramics, plastics and vinyl.

Here’s how I create a decorative sign using House&Canvas Furniture paint as chalk board paint, and Chalkola markers.

How To Stencil Using Chalk Markers


  1. A Stencil (printed on normal paper)
  2. Tape
  3. Chalk
  4. Chalk Markers
  5. A Chalk Board (How To Make A Chalkboard).
  • Print your design out on normal printer paper and cut it out to size.
  • Flip your paper over and on the back and cover the surface with traditional chalk. Where ever you see the design, make sure there is a good layer of white chalk.
  • Tape the paper stencil to your chalkboard.
  • Trace your design with a pencil and remove your paper. You will see that the chalk has transferred to your surface leaving a perfect outline! Now you’re ready to use your chalk markers!!
  • To get your chalk markers started, ensure the lid is on the marker and shake. Remove the lid and press the nib down on a test surface, press down firmly to pump the marker until the chalk ink floods the nib and produces a smooth mark. For more information watch this video.
  • To remove the left over traditional chalk, use a damp q-tip or a small wet artist brush to get all those tiny details. You can repeat this process as many times as you like to achieve your finished design.

You can shop Chalkola markers on Amazon or on their website here.