How To Create A Chalkboard Stencil Using Your Printer

I showed you guys a while back my new massive chalk board in the shop… if you missed it, check it out here!

The best thing about this chalk board is that I can update it constantly as I have new info to share with my customers. Usually I list upcoming workshops, new product info, or just a cute message.

The method I typically use to draw perfectly on a chalkboard can be found here.   

In this “how to”, I wanted to go with a minimalist look, where spacing is key. Printing out designs on regular letter sized paper, cutting them out and randomly arranging them on the board was not an option.

The image below is the design I planned. Note that the circles are much bigger than 8.5″ x 11″ regular letter sized paper.

When I need to print a document that is larger than the regular letter size paper in my printer, one method I use is to break the document up into separate 8.5″x11″ tiles that, once are all printed out, can be taped together so that the larger image is visible. This isn’t the most professional solution in the world, but it can save you time and money in a pinch.

Here’s my make shift way to create chalkboard stencil by printing a large document over multiple pages:

How To Print On Multiple Pages:

  1. Create a document using Photoshop or your favorite graphic editor. Use the custom dimension you need. In my case, my chalkboard is 32″ x 52″, so I created an image this size.
  2. Design your image and download it as a PDF

3. Open your PDF in Paint

4. In Page Setup, change all your margins to zero, and in the Scaling section, indicate how many pages you want your image to fit to.

5. Print!!!

6. Once your image is printed, you can tape it together

How To Transfer The Image

1.Cover the back of your image with chalk

2. Tape your image to your chalkboard

3. Trace over your image with a pencil

4. The chalk will transfer to your chalk board and act as a guide line

5. Fill it all and you are done!

We’ve recently partnered with ChalkOla chalk markers, and will be doing another post on making a colorful image on a chalkboard using chalk markers!