How to Paint an Antique Upholstered Chair


Did you know that you can actually paint upholstery using House&Canvas Furniture Paint??!?!  And, it’s super easy!  Just as easy as painting a regular piece of furniture.

Check out this amazing chair I purchased from Rescued and Restored In Freelton Ont.  It was only $25 bucks!!!  I chose this chair because the fabric was still in great condition.  No rips or tears, and the seat still had some bounce in it.

To prep the chair I just gave it a few smacks to release some of the old dust.  There was some dusty build up in the corners, so I just used a damp rag to clean it up.  But really, that’s it!!

Some painters will advise you to water your paint down, but I don’t!  I just start painting!!  You can see in the next video the amazing coverage you get after just one coat of paint!

I waited about 3 hours before I put on a second coat.  But dry time totally depends on your environment.  Once the paint is dry to the touch, you can begin your second coat.

You can see in the next video the upholstery dry after 2 coats.  The coverage is amazing.


You do need to top coat your upholstery with wax to seal and protect it.  I always wait overnight before I wax anything to just ensure the paint is fully dry.  Wax your upholstery just like you would your furniture.  Using a lint free cloth, or wax brush, apply a liberal amount of wax to the surface, and with a  clean cloth, remove the excess wax.  Let it dry, and you’re all done!

I gave the frame on this piece 2 coats of House&Canvas Furniture Paint in Angora White.  After the first coat, I could see some pink blotches, which is called “bleeding”.  Bleeding is when the tannins in the wood leak through the paint.  The only thing you can do to prevent bleeding, is to use a clear shellac.  Just paint some shellac over the bleed marks.  It dries super quick.  Then apply your second coat of paint.

I distressed the frame a bit using 180 grit sandpaper, and used a clear wax to seal and protect.  I just love how the chair has turned out.  The seat is still softy and squishy and super comfy to sit on.  The wax will prevent the paint from cracking and liquids bead right off, making for easy clean up!