Upcycle Challenge Toronto Home Show “Before Pics”!

Remember a few weeks ago I was chatting about participating in the Habitat For Humanity Upcycle Challenge at this year’s Toronto Fall Home???  Well, my perfect piece has made it’s way to my shop and I am getting ready to refinish it… Wanna see what I found?!?!?






























Is this not the COOLEST piece ever?!?!?!  It’s definitely hand-made and has seen a lot of love!!  I have no idea what it was used for?… There are no hooks or even holes from old hooks… so maybe it was a bookshelf??  I enjoy the mystery of its story and can’t wait to bring it back to life!!

There were so many amazing pieces at the ReStore it was hard to settle on just one!!

Awesome Restore Furniture Finds


Not only was there a million amazing pieces to choose from, there was a ton of awesome other stuff that I wanted to bring home with me!  My creative brain was going crazy!!

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