DIY No Fail, Super Easy Pro Chalkboard Drawing and Letters!

I recently made this awesome huge DIY chalk board with my Dad for the back of the shop.  I can paint furniture no problem, but I’m a horrible drawer!!! This is my no-fail, super easy way to get pro drawings and letters on your chalk board.

If you haven’t built or bought a chalk board yet, you can follow our post on how to DIY a barn board chalkboard.  The board can be made using chalkboard paint or chalk paint.

After you build your chalkboard, you MUST PRIME it before you begin drawing on it.  To prime your chalkboard, lay a piece of chalk on its side and cover your entire board liberally with chalk. Rub it in with a dry rag and then erase. Chalkboards are porous, so if you don’t prime it you are at risk for your first drawing to be there permanently.

Once you have primed your chalkboard, print out the image or writing you want on the board.  You can print it out on normal everyday paper.  Just make sure it is to size. 

DIY Chalkboard Drawing and Letters!


  • Image Of Your Choice
  • Printer
  • Printer Paper 
  • Chalk
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape 
  • Paper Towels


Step 1) Select the image you would like to draw on your chalkboard.  I’m using the image this arrow as an example:

Step 2)  Print the image onto a sheet of white printer paper.  Make sure the image is clear enough to see on the back side of the page.

Step 3)  Using your scissors, carefully cut your image out.  Cut around the image leaving white space. Don’t try to cut along the lines of the image.

Step 4) Flip your image over so the front of the image is face down.  Using a standard piece of chalk, rub all over the image.

Step 5) Position and tape the image on the chalk board.  The front side of the  image should be facing you.

Step 6) Use a pencil to carefully trace the image.

Step 7) Remove the paper and you will see an outline of your image. 

Step 8) Use chalk to fill the image outline.  Once you fill the outline in – it will look perfect!!

Step 8) Use a paper towel to clean any excess chalk, and make your edges perfect!


Just a quick “printable template” search on Pinterest and you can find lots of adorable sayings and images to use this technique on. You now know how to DIY professional looking chalk letters and images!