DIY Barn Board Chalk Board

In the House&Canvas store in Burlington, I have this massive wall behind the cash desk that needed something substantial to fill the space.  I have always loved huge chalkboards… not just for the neat look, but because they are functional and practical.  I started to look online for one big enough for the space –  they cost a fortune -especially to have one custom made.  Luckily, I have a super talented Dad that accepted my challenge of building an affordable one from scratch.

Here’s the step by step to build your own Barn Board Chalk Board for under $100 bucks!

We went to Home Depot to gather our supplies but all of these items should be available at any major hardware store.



Step One :

Lay the masonite flat on some saw horses and measure out the frame.  Our chalk board is  5′ x 3′  because our boards were 8′ long, the cuts were pretty simple.

*Important Tip

Pay attention to each board.  Barn Board is very inconsistent – make sure you select pieces that are as straight as possible.

Step Two:

Once everything is cut to size, lay it out and clamp it into place.  Make sure its perfect!

Step Three:

Get your materials ready to paid the wood with Chalk Board paint.  Chalk board paint comes in a can or a spray can.  The spray is advisable; you get a consistent, smooth finish, with little to no bumps. Rolling on chalk board paint can leave an orange peel texture.   If you are covering a large surface like we are – rolling it may be your only option.

Step Four:

Roll on or spray chalk board paint onto your wood.  Be patient with this product as it can take a long time to achieve the proper effect.  The board below took 8 coats of Chalk Board paint before it was ready to go!

Step Five:

Let you board dry overnight – if you live in a humid climate you may have to wait a  bit longer!

Step Six:

Put the chalk board upside down on top of the frame. Clamp the frame to the masonite.  Otherwise, it will shift and be crooked.  It is recommended that you countersink your holes – but we just drove ours right in to save time.

Step Seven:

Mount it on the wall using 2 french cleat mounting brackets.  Add one to each side of the chalk board and mount the whole piece on the wall.  Some french cleat’s come with a built in level – but these ones if you can find them – they are super easy!!  You’re done!