How To Paint An Old Oak Hutch!

These old, dated oak hutches are on buy and sell sites non stop… you can easily score one for under $100 bucks.  I bought one off Kijiji for around $50 bucks.  I love them because the hutch comes off which makes for super easy transportation.

Yes, they are dated… and pretty ugly.  But this style of hutch is SO functional with all of the storage in the bottom, and the display area on top.  You can easily display your fancy stemware and dishes on top.  And tuck in the more unattractive items like small appliances and over-sized serving dishes.

House&Canvas Chalk Style Furniture Paint Colors

House&Canvas Chalk Style Furniture Paint Colors

Next time you come across one of these pieces, take a second look at it again and imagine how you can update it.  This one now looks fabulous and could easily go into any dining room or kitchen.

All I did was take off the door and fill the holes with some wood filler.  Wait for it to dry, sand it smooth and add a couple coats of paint.  This particular one is painted River Rock on the outside, and Angora White on the inside.  I replaced all of the hardware with new crystal knobs.  And it turned out amazing.