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Green Is The New Black!? Painting A Living Room Dark Green


We have happily been in our home for 6 years now, with no plans on moving.  Truthfully, we talk about moving all of the time, but that’s it…. it’s all talk.  Yes, I’d love a pool and a view, but picturing another move makes me cringe.

Coming to terms with the fact that we are staying put for a while made me think of the decor in this house.  When I was decorating this home, I tried a few styles and colors, but ended up sticking to a light grey and white palette.  My whole house is grey and white.  Super boring.  I’m so used to moving, that I really depersonalized this house, anticipating just selling it.  Since I know we want to stay here for a while – I decided to begin the redesign of my main floor.

My Hobby Lobby Pillows

Paint It Green!

I’ve decided to completely redecorate our main floor.  It all started with the bold move of painting our living room GREEN.  A crazy, dark, rich green that I created for our upcoming reboot!  It’s amazing and it feels so good to finally make this our home.

I still have to add my accessories, I’ve ordered some fabulous pillows from Hobby Lobby, and I am currently searching for a rug.  But the color is so fab.  Ballzy, but fab 😉