Bring Your Hardwood Furniture Back to Life With Chalk Finish Paint

One of the main reasons I advise people to paint their furniture is because you just can’t get heavy duty, keep for a life time, hard wood furniture like they used to make!!  Unless of course you want to pay an arm and a leg!  There’s no reason to throw away solid wood furniture just because it’s dated.  Keep that good stuff, and give it a fresh coat of chalk finish paint to keep it on trend.

How many of you have a piece of that solid oak furniture that was all the rage about 20 years ago.  It’s crazy popular here in Southern Ontario because of the Mennonite population.  Some of our Mennonite communities make the most amazing hard wood furniture.  Unfortunately it was stained in a honey color, which isn’t so trendy these days.


One of my friends recently had a quote done to restain her honey oak dining table, and the guy wanted $1000 bucks… and that’s just for the top!!!!! It’s so expensive to have furniture stripped down to the wood and re-stained.  So I advised her to keep the top of the table as is, and i’ll paint the pedestal base. It turned out absolutely amazing.  I painted her dining room hutch, 6 chairs and lazy susan to match and it all looks brand new.


I recently refinished this amazing oak side table in House and Canvas Underground, with a bit of distressing and 2 coats of House and Canvas water based satin varnish.  This color is to die for.  It’s the perfect clay color and the 2 coats of varnish make this table as durable as a gym floor!!