Throwback To Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors – The Graphite Bedroom Set

annie sloan chalk paint colors graphite

I was browsing through some old pics and came across this oldie but goodie.  A full bedroom set I refinished using one of my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors – Graphite.  These pictures are from over 5 years ago. I actually did the whole bedroom suite on site – which was way easier than dragging those heavy pieces to my workshop.

I remember this job mostly because the customer had these horrid blue grey walls that looked hospital-like against the pinkish wood furniture.  When I finished painting the furniture graphite, the walls turned into a gorgeous shade of gray and she never ended up painting the walls.   House&Canvas Cityscape is what I use now instead of Graphite on new pieces – but I have to keep a can of the old Graphite around for touch ups on the countless pieces I have painted in the past using it.

Here are some before pics!



I spray painted the drawer pulls with Rustoleum Black Hammered spray paint which is one of my favorite products.  Like chalk paint, you do not need to prime your surface first.  Just spray away, it works on all different types of surfaces.

The customer did not like the mirrors on her armoire so I just painted right over them.  That’s the beauty of chalk paint – you can literally paint anything!  Even a mirror.

Here are the after pics!