Introducing House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint

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I’ve been painting and doing furniture restoration for well over 10 years  I have used every mineral, milk, metallic, acrylic and chalk finish paint I could find. I have tried every wax and topcoat I could get my hands on. I’ve  worked with stains and gels, and a vast collection of cleaners and sealers.  If you look at my home workshop, where I have been painting for years, you’ll see a crazy array of brands, and a bazillion pickle jars where I have made my own paint, and mixed my own colors. I’ve painted everything from kitchens to floors to furniture.  When I decided to open my store, I had to decide which paint line to carry, and honestly, it was quite a predicament, because there was no chalk style paint or decorative paint finish on the market that had exactly what I was looking for.

A wise woman I once knew told me, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.   Following her advice, House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint was born.

My paint is different than any other chalk style paint out there and once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

Why My Paint Is Better Than The Competition


– With just the right consistency, my paint truly is self leveling.   There is absolutely NO NEED to sand between coats.  You get a smooth finish each and every time.

Coverage – When I say you only need 2 coats, I mean it.   You get full, complete coverage with just 2 coats.

Dry Time – The whole point of using chalk finish paint is to save time.. I don’t want to wait overnight between coats – I doubt you do either!   With House&Canvas Chalk Finish Paint, you only have to wait 30-60 minutes between coats (including top coats!!).   You can easily finish a furniture piece in one day.

Distressing Before I developed my paint I would use milk paint in order to get a chippy look, chalk style paint for a distressed look, and mineral paint for full coverage.  Now I can say goodbye to milk paint and mineral paint because our chalk finish paint can achieve similar results.   My paint can easily distress with sand paper, chip with a putty knife, or leave fully coated.

Price Point – It was very important to me to make this paint affordable for everyone.   After all, painting furniture is supposed to be thrifty, so no one wants to spend $40+ on a quart of paint and nobody should have to resort to a mixture from a recipe they found on pinterest (none of them are even close).  We directly manufacture our paint. We ship a majority of our paint through online orders.   As a result – we are able to offer a fair price for a high quality product.

Colors – I’m color obsessed people.   O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D… I love playing with current, trendy colors… but keeping it classy with never-fail neutrals.   I designed each and every color in my paint line from years of mixing my own paint colors.   There are 21 colors to choose from, but the possibilities are endless!!

If you are ordering online and have questions please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

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