Top Looks For Christmas 2018

It’s Easter weekend and I’m spending my Satuday happily at the shop getting a few things done.  A customer walked in and says “Oh, I love your store, I can’t wait to see it at Christmas”, which threw me into instant panic.   I haven’t done any Christmas shopping for the store – and in retail, you’ve got to be at least 8 months ahead of the game.   Usually, you start planning next Christmas on boxing day.   I haven’t even started to think about it!!

So here I am surfing the web for inspiration and I remember that I actually despise Christmas.   It’s a little secret of mine – Christmas drives me nuts.   Seriously, I don’t have the time or energy on a regular day to clean my house, or decorate… But it’s Christmas, so I have to bust out boxes and boxes of crap to decorate a fake that tree that only lights up half way which makes me want to light it on fire.   All my stuff is so disorganized because last year, I had no time to put everything away perfectly so I just kinda threw it in boxes.   And,  all just to take it down 4 weeks later.   All that extra cooking, cleaning and blowing cash.   It ll gets my anxiety to a 10.

BUT, I am a good mom and I put on the Christmas carols and a happy face for my kids.   They’ll never know how much I loathe Christmas, because I try my damn hardest to make it special for them.

So, back to decorating and buying for the store.   I’m not 100% of the scheme or look I’m going for, so I figure if I start with the tree, I can build from there.   I’ve narrowed it down to 3 different looks (thanks to Pinterest).   Next week, the ordering begins!!

Here Are My 3 Favorite Looks For Christmas 2018:

1. Traditional Farm house – a can’t-go-wrong look!!  Filled with twine, burlap, boxwood, birch and masculine plaids.

Top Looks For Christmas

2 – White Christmas – Nothing but white and metallic glitter! Snowflakes, white feathers, mercury glass, white twigs, and snow dipped greens.

Top Looks For Christmas

3 – Black, White & Gold.  Hello glamour!! Gold  glitter mixed with satin black with a dash of black and white stripes.

Top Looks For Christmas