Grand Opening Success!!

House&Canvas retail is officially open for business!!  Saturday, February 24th was our Grand Opening and it was a huge success.  I still can’t get over the turn out.  Friends, family, neighbours and shoppers came out to explore the store, test out the paint and SHOP!

Here’s a few pics of the store!

My little guy James (9yr) working the cash like a pro

I know what you’re thinking… is that House&Canvas chalk finish paint?? Did she make her own line of paint… yea I DID!!  More info about that later!!

I’ve wanted my own store since I was a teenager.  It’s been a dream of mine.  Funny enough, I always thought it would be a shoe store.  But then I discovered this passion of mine… working with colour and paint, and being creative.  And now I get to share my passion with the world.  It’s very exciting.  But what’s even more exciting is that this is just the beginning of something big.  I’m building the House&Canvas brand and business.  My own paint and brush line is just the beginning!!  I’ve got big plans!

My precious niece and nephew.

A huge thank you to my folks for helping me out these last couple of weeks.  There’s nothing better than bonding with my mom over pulls and knobs, and watching my dad in his glory fixing a bathroom door.  My Dad cried the first time he saw my shop… usually I’d make fun of him, but this time, I ate it up!!  And without surprise, my Mom was there whenever I needed her, with lunch (and dinner for later), full of smiles and giggles, and her credit card.


I’m just absolutely overwhelmed by the support from my friends.  I seriously have the most awesome girlfriends in the whole world.  Right from the beginning they have been by my side.  From helping me paint to bringing me coffee… and even collecting furniture out of the garbage for me.  These girls are amazing and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

My girls!!
My twin.

None of this would be possible without my ride or die.  Ryan and I have been married for over 13 years and this guy has believed in me since day one.  He’s never given up on me… never doubted me… and has been my motivator and number one fan forever.  This project has brought us together in a way that we have never been before.  It’s taking our finest qualities and mushed them into this awesome business.  I just love it.

This guy.

Look at all these gorgeous florals… the support is overwhelming xoxox


Cheers to this new adventure!!

Did you catch my news broadcast??  Here it is if you missed it…