Toy Room Makeover

stripe painted on toy room walls

The Toy Room

I’ve decorated a lot of rooms in my day, and there are very few that stick in my mind as favourites.  This toy room is definitely at the top of my favorites list!  I finished this room back in 2012 for my kiddos.  They were only 3 and 5 at the time, so of course now there are some things I would change. like, scrap those ugly toys bins, and paint that desk and hutch, but at the time, it all worked.


The Paint Colors

The paint on the walls are all colors from CIL: Apricot Brandy & Crisp Linen (unfortunately, CIL doesn’t make Apricot Brandy anymore).

I’m giving myself a little pat on the back here because I did those stripes solo…. Just me, a level and a few million roles of painter’s tape.  I remember the gold taking 4 coats of paint.  What a pain.  But the finished product is worth it.  I just love the bold, contrasting stripes.

You can check out the before pics here