New Year Resolutions For Your Home

new year resolutions for home

As we enter 2018, we hear all the time “What’s your New Year resolution?”, which usually ends with something along the lines of “I’m going to exercise more”, “I’m going to eat healthier”, “I’m going to spend more time with family”…. rarely do we hear anyone talk about what they can do to their home to make this new year, a better year.

Having a place to call a “home” is so important to our everyday life.  A home is not just about having a physical location to go to after a long day, it’s about having a place that feeds our desire for safety and comfort.  Our home is a gathering place, our shelter, and sanctuary that provides an escape from the busyness and intrusiveness of the world.

While pondering how you can be the best you in the new year, don’t forget about taking care of your home… … after all, “Home is where the heart is”.

Here are a few resolution ideas to make your home the best it can be in 2018!



I’ll admit it… I have a full closet of clothes I never wear in my guest room.  I have an entire shelving unit in basement filled with home decor items that haven’t made it upstairs.  I have too many sheet sets for every bed in the house, and I buy my kiddos a TON of crap, that gets played with for a day, and then makes it way in the toy bins under their beds.

I love a good PURGE every now and then.  Grab some heafty garbage bags and a few boxes and walk throught your home.  Grab anything that hasn’t been touched in a year, and bring it all to a second hand store.  If it hasn’t been touched in a year, chances are you aren’t going to miss it!



My kids are 8 and 10, and I can’t tell you how quickly the grow out of shoes and clothes.  Plus, they go to a billion birthday parties every year and always come home with those dreaded loot bags.  Moms… can we all just agree to stop with the loot bags filled with junk?!?!? please!!!

I have a chair in my guest room that collects clothes that don’t fit the kids any more, along side a box of clear garbage bags.  When my kid comes downstairs and his pants are around his ankles, I yell “Take ’em off”… I don’t hesitate to throw that stuff on the chair. When it doesn’t fit, I get rid of it right away.  Don’t let clothes that will never be worn, pile up.  Once the chair fills up, I make a trip to the donation box just down the street from me.

I also have a box in my linen closet labeled “Junk”.  Toys, loot bag junk, presents to be regifted… it all goes in there, and as soon as it gets filled, it goes in the donation box as well.

The key here is creating a system where clutter can’t build up.  Clutter = chaos!!



Try this for a full year – save your cash to buy just a few quality things for your home rather than buying tons of cheap stuff.

Resist the urge to buy those super cheap 200 thread count sheets, and save up your pesos for real Egyptian cotton.  Get rid of the hundred miss matched mugs in your cupboard, and invest in a fabulous set.  Upgrade your stemware.  Stop buying cheap fleece blankets and buy that one expensive chunky knit you’ve had your eye on.

It’s so easy to pop into stores like Home Sense or Ikea and pick up a truck load of inexpensive crap for our homes.  But what if we skip those unnecessary shopping sprees and save our cash to buy those few quality items we have had our eyes on, and will forever enjoy.



It doesn’t matter if you have a century home, or a brand new build… houses are WORK.  We all have a to-do list a mile long.  Rather than staring at that to-do list and cringing, tackle it.

Schedule out one weekend a month to tackle house hold chores.  Paint your dining room, replace that old and ugly light fixture, shampoo your carpets…. Whatever is on your list, get ‘er done.  Make it a priority.



I have the most awesome friends on earth… when I need help, they are there for me, and vice versa.  My friends have helped me paint the exterior of the store, they help me put furniture together, they’ve helped me set up my photography studio… and sometimes, they just entertain my kiddos for a few hours so I can get stuff done.  And I do the same for them, no questions asked.  Having a support system sounds so cliche, but it’s true.


Happy New Year everyone!! Let’s make 2018 AWESOME!