Must Have Desk Accessories

I was in Niagara Falls with my mom last week, and we were laughing at the ridiculous things we will blow cash on, and the ridiculous things we cheap out on.   I didn’t blink at buying my kids a stupidly over priced souvenir stuffie at the Bird Kingdom, or dining at the Rain Forest Cafe, which is wicked expensive for microwaved food…. But we literally debated for 12 hours paying for parking at the water park, or keeping our car parked at the hotel a block away and walking in -30 degree weather.

We walked.

I talk a lot on this blog about things I’m willing to spend money on, and things I won’t.   Sometimes, I laugh at myself at how ridiculous my logic is.   Which brings me to what I am going to post about today…my search for office supplies.   Yes, office supplies.

Most people would hit the dollar store to pick up a stapler and tape dispenser… .but not meeeeee!!   This is one absolutely stupid and ridiculous thing I am blowing my hard earned cash on.   I must have the most awesome desk accessories. Hello, all my customers are going to see this stuff and use it.   It all must be fabulous, becuase it really is, all in the details.

Here are the most awesome and fabulous desk accessories out there today that I give you permission to blow your cash on, judgement free 😉


  1. Solid Brass Tape Dispensers ($34.95-64.95)
  2. Gold Dome Storage ($35.95)
  3. Acrylic Desk Accessories (all 3 $92.85)
  4. Solid Brass Bird Scissors ($22.95)


  1. Brass Stapler ($14)
  2. Pencil Holder ($48)
  3. Letter Sorter ($88)
  4. Scissors ($26)

Desk Accessories

  1. Resin Dog Pencil Holder ($116.99)
  2. Paper Tray ($79.99)
  3. Mirrored Post-it Holder ($104.99)
  4. Amethyst Paper Weight ($98.)