Get The Look for Less!

Do you ever get that feeling to just burn your house down so you can start all over… not literally burn it down… more like gut it.  Gut it, and start completely fresh.  Well, I get that feeling like every week.  I have major home decor ADD.  As soon as I finish a room, I want to rip it all out and do it again.

I recently finished my master bedroom in Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Grey, and some gorgeous white and silver wall paper on my feature wall.  It’s soft, serene, pretty… but I’m over it.  By the time I hung my last piece of wallpaper, I was bored of it!!! I’m tellin’ you… major home decor ADD.

This is one of the reasons I refuse to invest in expensive stuff… that, along with my two kiddos, newfie poo, and fur ball cat.

I love browsing shops like Johnathan Adler, Horchow and Restoration Hardware, and then challenge myself to find the same look for less.

One of my favourite scores were my dining room chairs.  I LOVE the look of seagrass armless chairs at a dining room table.  Here were some of my inspirations shots.

Seagrass Armless Dining Room Chairs

I desperately wanted Pottery Barn chairs for my dining room, but at $260 a piece, not happening.

After some major hit-the-pavement shopping, I found these awesome seagrass armless chairs at JYSK, for just $99 a piece, and waited until they were on sale for another 15%off (plus, there was a JYSK opening in Burlington and I was one of those losers that went at 7am to get my free $50 gift card).  I also saved the delivery fee by picking them up myself.

I got all 6 seagrass armless chairs for about $450 bucks.  That’s way better than spending  over $1500 on the Pottery barn chairs… because guess what, this is what they look like just a couple of years later…

Dining Room Armless Chair – Wear And Tear



Moral of the story… with a dog, a cat, and kids – your furniture will get mucked up –  try to get the look for less!