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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors – Mixology

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was the first decorative chalk paint to hit it big.  Many early adopters have their favorites  colors that they continue to work with to this day.  Some colors like Graphite or Amsterdam Green are amazing right out of the can.

The marketplace is now filled with many competitors – including our own chalk style paint.  While not all paint is created equally there are a few brands like Fat Paint , General Finishes or House&Canvas Furniture Paint, who offer similar results but with a different color pallet and at a different price point.  The reason why many people will take a quart of Fat Paint over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is sometimes price – but more often it comes down to color selection.

House&Canvas Chalk Style Paint Colors
House&Canvas Furniture Paint

Compared to some of the modern chalk-style paint lines out there – the 2018/2019 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors look a little dated – or perhaps geared for a very specific audience.

Cait has used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint extensively over the years.  Some colors like Graphite she has never fell out of love with.  For some of the bolder colors she has moved on to other lines of paint and finishes to get the results she wants.  This wasn’t an option early on in her custom work career.  In order to get the right look for the room where the piece she was working on was going – she began to painstakingly document custom color mix ratios.

House&Canvas Chalk Style Paint Colors

Unfortunately chalk paint is not like latex paint in the sense that you can’t go to the Home Depot and ask them to mix a color for you.  In order to color match chalk paint to a wall color or to make it a little more subdued there is no choice but to mix paint color’s.  Adding white to soften a color is probably the most common customization. Some people end up buying a color that’s closest to the one they want and are disappointed when it doesn’t look as good as they imagine.

House&Canvas Chalk Style Furniture Paint Colors
House&Canvas Chalk Finish Furniture Paint

Before anyone begins custom mixing – I recommend they take a look ALL of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors – your local stockist might not have every last color in stock – but there are places online (you can’t find it at lowes or Home Depot) where you can order any color from her line.  It is also advisable to look at the competition – there are many companies with high quality chalk-style paint – all of these companies offer their own custom pallet’s – there may be a pre-mixed quart of the exact color you need if you simply broaden your horizons to other quality paint suppliers like General Finishes, Fat Paint, Dixie Belle or House&Canvas Furniture Paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

Cait has a notebook with all of her custom creations written down.  Its a painstaking process that you have to document properly if you want to ensure that you get a consistent color that you can replicate.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a piece suffer some sort of damage and not having the proper color to do the repair with.  The danger with custom colors is the fact that the onus is on you to document your creation properly. I recommend if you are going to custom mix Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors or any other brand’s paint colors – mix more than you need. Stick a label with the date. and the paint color mix ratio, on the container with the leftovers (hopefully you will never need to use it).

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Mixing Chalk Paint Colors

If you remember primary school art class – you likely remember mixing colors to get other colors.  Red and yellow makes orange – add a little black and you have brown – add a little more black and you have a dark brown.  When you are trying to match another custom color (like your wall color) you will likely be spending most of your time trying to get the perfect hue between something like brown and dark brown.

Its very popular to use 1:1 mixes with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – there are a number of sites that have gone through the entire catalog of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors and have painstakingly documented each color mixed 1:1 across the entire color pallet.  I look at these as secondary colors as opposed to something truly custom as its a simple 50/50 mix.

Custom mixes require a little more knowledge of color theory (like the color wheel).  You need to use measuring equipment that can accurately replicate your custom color as well as a notebook (or ipad) to keep track of your results.  If you are mixing more than three colors and its not in the name of using up your “leftovers” – the project may have gotten out of hand and you may need to revisit what exactly you are trying to accomplish!

The Best Custom Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

Obviously there are limits as to which color’s can be mixed with which – some color’s don’t mix well together at all.  Many of the colors that do mix well together have been documented which means the exact color you are looking for is probably a drop of white or black different than the mix ratio’s you can find online.

Below are some of the best custom Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.  Hopefully this will provide some inspiration and encouragement to “take a risk” and attempt a mix you find online – or one you hone yourself!

graphite annie sloan chalk paint

Graphite is perfect the way it is.  There are however circumstances when people would want to brighten it up a bit.  Mixing various ratios of Annie Sloan Graphite and Old White can create a beautiful custom gray.

antibes green from pinterest

Antibes green is a popular Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color.  For this reason – it is one you may want to customize.  Mixed with various ratios of Old White you can achieve the perfect green for your project.

royal purple from pinterest

Royal Purple is a custom Annie Sloan chalk paint color for the adventurous.  It requires two very bold colors – 3 parts Napoleonic Blue and one part Emperors Silk (Red).  This combination provides a rich purple.  To take it a step further you could grab a can of old white and soften this purple – the sky is the limit.

There are hundreds of custom combinations to be found here on pinterest to get your creative juices flowing (thanks to whoever shared the above images on pinterest).

Custom colors allow you more control in your project – and if you have an good eye for color – you may come up with combinations as good or better than the stock paint colors in the store!

The term Chalk paint is a registered trademark of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Company.  We do not sell Annie Sloan products – please search for a stockist near you if you are interested in her brand of Chalk Paint and supplies.