Refinishing Stairs With Chalk Finish Paint!

orange stairs white runner

Inside the new House & Canvas store, there is a set of stairs leading up to the restroom.  The stairs and floors are that gawd-awful orange laminate fake wood, that was popular like 15 years ago and that should honestly, never be sold anywhere again.  It’s so ugly.

Anyway, there is no way I am forking out the dough to replace all of the flooring since I’m renting this place, so best short term solution??  Paint it of course!!  Because I paint everything…

Painting Stairs With Chalk-Style Paint

laminate stairs without chalk paint

laminate staircase not chalk painted

Right now, the nosing, treads, and landing are chalk painted black with a clear top coat, and the risers are white (actual colours to be announced at a later date!).  But they just look a bit ‘blah’… I’ve been scouring Pinterest to find some ideas on how to take my chalk painted stairs and floor up a notch.

Now to decide on what to do!!

Paint a runner? Add some lettering? Colourful Stairs? Ombre Treads? Stenciled Risers? So many awesome ideas!!!!




Finishing The Stairs With Inspiration

These are a few photo’s I’ve come across on sites likes houzz  and pinterest.  Nothing has hit me over the head yet.  In a future DIY post I will outline how to refinish your stairs with a chalk-style paint.  In the meantime I am looking for that last finishing touch to transform the new painted black stairs with white treads into something showstopping!

stairs blue and white runner

stairs orange black and white


stairs blue and grey with welcome stenciled


navy blue and white stairs

stenciled stairs

patterned stair riser

green runner

stairs with arrows on them

stairs with flowers

multi-color stairs

mouse and mouse hole stairs