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Last Minute Christmas Wrap Ideas

kraft paper gift wrapping with twine and garland

This is officially the last week leading up to Christmas.  While some of us are sipping our eggnog and admiring the pile of gifts we have acquired for our friends and family – some people haven’t even started shopping  – let alone wrapping.

Cait did a few posts on Christmas gift wrap ideas a few years ago – Christmas Wrap Ideas and My Christmas Wrapping Paper.  Both posts are still very relevant and cover much of what people are doing this year for Christmas.  Wrapping is less of a DIY project and more of a requirement – for those of you who cant find the right paper or need some inspiration – look no further.

Happy Holidays!


gift wrapping using recycled everyday materials

gift wrapped with ornament and tree garland

vintage kraft paper gift wrapping

metallic paint gold on a pine-cone with twine