Pedestal Table Painted With Fat Paint

chalk painted navy blue pedestal

chalk painted navy blue pedestal staircase

There is nothing better than waking up to a fabulous note from a customer:

“So happy with how this turned out!! Thank you again very much!!” 


Painted With Fat Paint’s Navy State Of Mind

This gorgeous pedestal table was brought to me by a customer who wanted it painted using a chalk-style paint but didn’t want the traditional matte finish. Finishing the piece with wax was out of the question.  Using furniture wax gives a nice mate finish and can be buffed to a subtle sheen – but this customer wanted more shine than just a subtle sheen – so I had to use a different top coat.

To paint the pedestal table I selected the Fat Paint color “Navy State of Mind” from the Amanda Forest collection.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Fat Paint – it is a chalk-style paint (they call it “Artisan Chalk Style”) – it is comparable to other paints on the market – cost and coverage being the main differentiators.  Fat Paint has a large selection of colors – many of them are much more modern and bold than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors.  Navy State Of Mind was easy to apply and dried to a beautiful finish.  Fat paint has some bold and beautiful colors you may find are perfect for your piece!

navy blue chalk painted pedestal table

Fat Paint Clear Top Coat Finish

For this piece, I opted to use Fat Paint’s Clear Top Coat.  This top coat is liquid and drys to a satiny finish.  It provides a little bit more of a sheen than buffed out wax, but less of a shine than a glossy top coat.  Generally a top coat like this is intended for high traffic areas, but I will occasionally use a liquid top coat when I’m looking for a slightly shiny finish.

The challenge with using a liquid medium is avoiding bubbles and drip marks.  All liquid top coats like Fat Paint’s Clear Top Coat need to be applied in smooth, even strokes with a quality brush.  To avoid bubbles never shake the can – only STIR!!

chalk painted basket waves navy

This pedestal had lots of ledges, nooks and crannies. It was very difficult to avoid drip marks and build up.  To reduce the possibility of having to sand drip marks – I did two very light coats.  I ended up with some build up on the basket weave which dried bubbly and white – kind of like white craft glue!  A quick touch up with paint fixed the problem.

This piece is a show stopper.  It’s beautifully displayed in the entryway right when you walk into the house.  Love the color…. GORGEOUS!!!