10 Hidden Gems From The 2018 IKEA Catalogue!

top 10 ikea catalogue

In my house hold, we have a 130lbs NewfiePoo, a long haired cat (with claws!!), and 2 kiddos, which means this mamma isn’t getting any fancy furniture for many, many years.  Luckily, I live right around the corner from IKEA, so it’s my go-to for brand new inexpensive home decor, housewares and furniture.   I’m the first to admit, I’d change the decor in my house every month if I could so having an Ikea near me is amazing.  Quick, easy and inexpensive is my language!!

Because I frequent IKEA, i’m used to the amount of stuff that’s there, and can easily find what I’m looking for, or spot that extra something special… but for the average shopper, IKEA can be an overwhelming experience with such a massive foot print and aisles and aisles of merchandise (not to mention confusing product names – and having to navigate a warehouse to pickup your stuff).. you can easily leave exhausted, overwhelmed and empty handed!!

So I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourite items from the 2018 IKEA catalogue so you won’t miss them!!  Some of these items are perfect for “ikea hacking” or re-purposing.  Chalk-style paint, stencils, overlays and other diy products can enhance the look of a number of IKEA products.  The rest of the products are perfect the way they are! Not everyone is near an Ikea – we have people driving from NY and PA to visit ours.  The stores are actually “fun” – they have dollar drinks, hotdogs, soda, coffee and ice cream –  its a tradition for many in these parts to go to Ikea for $1 breakfast or their $20 Christmas trees and decent selection of plants.  If you are an Ikea catalogue order – you might miss out on the fun – but you still get almost all the products without having to deal with an Ikea line-up – or worse – the parking lot.

Top 10 Ikea Catalogue Items For 2018

1.The GLADOM tray table.  At only $24.99, and with a  removable tray, this piece is so versatile and can be used in a million different spaces.  Grab a can of gold spray paint, and give this tray a coat of glam!!


tray table


2. The MYRHEDEN Frame.  I love this frame and have 2 of them in my daughters room to hang her jewellery on.  It’s keeps everything neat and organised and it’s super stylish.  At $24.99, you can’t go wrong!



jewellery frame



3. The BYHOLMA armchair.  These chairs have been around forever and rightfully so!  These chairs aren’t just for your average patio or sunroom, bring them indoors to add a natural touch to your space.  (and they’re comfy too!)


collection of armchairs


4. STOCKHOLM mirror.  Skip the traditional rectangle mirror and go round! This mirror is a steal at $99 bucks! Use it in the bathroom, above a buffet or fireplace, or one on each side of your bed above a night stand.  Think about even including one in your gallery wall!

mirror in bathroom

mirror bathroom layout

5. You can’t go wrong with the ever classic HEMNES dresser collection.  You can’t beat the style for that price!  But who says you have to leave it as is.  Put your own flair on it by changing the knobs, giving it a coat of chalk finish paint, or adding accents.

hemnes dressor


6. OSTED rug collection… YES! Ikea has sisal rugs… so don’t pay a fortune anywhere else.  These rugs speak for them selves!  Durable, hard-wearing, and gorgeous.  They go in absolutely any space!  I have one in my family room and it’s lasted for years!!!


collection of rugs

7. The ARSTID table lamp… where else can you find a chic lamp for just $19.99?? Available in silver or gold, this lamp will match any space.  It’s the perfect size for any room! The picture below is my daughters room!

ikea lamp


8. Ikea has the best selection of cushions… but did you know they carry 26″x26″ cushion covers?  The same size as euro shams.  So don’t just buy Ikea cushions for your couch, add some extra comfyness to your bed as well!! There is no where else you can find euro sham convers for just $17.99!!

euro shamspillows

9. I feel like one of the best kept secrets is that fact that IKEA sells fabric by the meter.  Like, super awesome quality fabric starting at just $2.99/meter.  Any time I’m doing an upholsery project, Ikea is the first place I look!


10. And last but not least, always throw a few napkin sets in your bag.  Honestly, Ikea has the cutest napkins ever!! and they are only $3.99 😉


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