Reloved Vintage Paint vs Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – The Halltree Challenge

Reloved Chalk Paint

Thank you kindly – to the wonderful ladies at Reloved Vintage Chalk Style Paint for sending me me some samples to try.  I absolutely love experimenting with new products, but what I love even more, is when the products are FABULOUS!!  If your have read my review of Reloved dirty wax – you will know that im obsessed with it.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint On Halltree

I’ve had this halltree sitting in my shop for well over a year, patiently waiting for it’s turn for a make over! I often keep pieces unfinished for long periods of time when I’m not sure what color or finish I should give them. This piece needed to be finished and sold – I paint a lot of halltrees – in custom work I always like to work with new materials and try new techniques!  This specific piece was ugly old maple wood with a marble slab. It has some great bones, but I was never able to settle on how to finish it.  I’m on of those weird design people who will wait forever until a piece ‘speaks’ to me.

I decided the thing to do was to give it a few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in “Old Ochre” figuring it would work with the marble.  I had a wee bit left in a can – so off I went – but  when I finished – it didn’t look right.  So I tucked the poor piece back in the corner of my shop.

Reloved Vintage Paint On Halltree

A few weeks ago I got a sample pot of Reloved Vintage Paint in Cashmere…. the most perfect match for the sad neglected hall tree in the corner of my shop.  The paint is a rich white which covered the Annie Sloan chalk paint nicely and contrasted beautifully against the marble slab! What a gorgeous, creamy, off white – Cashmere by Reloved.

The Pros Of Working With Reloved Vintage Paint

1 – The consistency of the paint.  The paint has a  creamy texture to it, other Chalk paints are super thick… Reloved is thick, but more creamy than thick.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  When working with it you have to keep an eye out for pesky drip marks, but overall, the consistency makes for a smooth finish, with less brush strokes, and more control.  No need to sand between coats with this chalk style paint!!


2 – Chip factor – maybe it’s the paints consistency, or some secret in the Reloved Vintage Paint formula…  But this paint is awesome for distressing.  At first, I did the usual sandpaper of the edges, which works great, but then I thought I’d take my mini scraper to it, and I am so happy I did.  This paint chipped off and gave the piece that awesome, aged chippy look!!  If you want to seriously distress a piece this stuff is awesome – I definitely really like the unique properties of this paint – and everyone knows about how I love the Reloved dirty wax!

3 – Pure colour – I find with a few other chalk style paints, that until you top coat the piece, you can’t get the true colour.  For example when I use Graphite by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – I HAVE to top coat any piece painted with it.  If your put the Annie Sloan Graphite on anything – the paint looks too chalky, and gets scuffed. Sort of like a chalk board that has just been erased.  With Reloved Vintage Paint, you don’t need to top coat your piece to bring out the true colour.  In fact, since this piece is chippy distressed, I didn’t even bother top coating it.  I figure the more worn it looks, the better.  I could never do that with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

4 – Not necessarily exclusive to Reloved Vintage Paint – but relative to Annie Sloan chalk paint – This paint goes FOREVER!!!  This hall tree has 2 coats of paint.  Plus I did numerous coats on the mirror below, and I still have paint left over.

There are a number of premium products on the market – whether they be by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, General Finishes, FAT Paint, or Reloved.  I get to test a lot of products with a steady stream of custom work.  Most products are “okay” but fall short of getting a premium label (from me). I will say based on my experience with Reloved – they are every bit as premium as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The fact that it has excellent coverage and looks great without a top coat are  reasons why I think they offer some really good paint – and if you read my review – some really good wax.  I personally may tuck a quart away for a project that requires something super chippy – the chippiness in my opinion is what makes Reloved stand out from many of the other chalk style paints.  The chippy dirty company!