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A DIY Guide To Drawer Pulls And Knobs

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Drawer pulls and knobs are a vital component to almost every DIY furniture makeover.  They are also one of the most exciting items to rummage around for at local markets.  If you catch the drawer pull bug – you might end up spending weeks online looking for the ever elusive perfect set.  How do you know what drawer pull is for you?  Are you using the right hardware for the right project?

I’ve broken down knobs and drawer pulls by style and material.  I am not referring to door knobs or latches – that is outside the scope of this investigation! This is a breakdown of the various pulls and knobs as they relate to furniture DIY and home decor.

 Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls are a generic term for any type of handle or knob used in a variety of circumstances.  Drawer pulls could be handles on a dresser, filing cabinet, or anything that “pulls”.  If you are shopping for the perfect pull – make sure that you ask questions and do research before you order.  Drawer pull is a generic term and some people use it to describe handles of all sorts.

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Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are are typically used on swinging doors in furniture and cabinetry.  Knobs are also frequently place on non-swinging doors for decorative purposes.  Sizes, shape and materials used change from one to another. Choosing the right cabinet knob is a daunting task – not only are there many to choose from – sometimes its the hardware than ends up “making” the project!  Something to keep in mind when shopping for knobs to be used on a drawer – if the drawer is narrow – place one knob directly in the center of it – if it is wide use two knobs equally spaced apart.  There’s nothing worse than a piece without functioning and fashionable drawer’s and cabinets – so choose make sure you select the right ones!

Dresser Drawer Pulls

Dresser drawer pulls are not necessarily confined to just dressers.  the term is broadly applied to all sorts of pulls (such as filing cabinet handles).  They  are made up of metal, wood, plastic or glass attached to a threaded fastener.  Each material has a different look and some dresser drawer pulls will work better for your DIY project than others.  The terms seems to be confined to dressers – but don’t fret – you can use a dresser drawer pull on any piece that needs a handle!

Bar pulls: A bar handle that is straight across.
Cup pulls:  A bevelled looking handle (180 degree handle).
Arch pulls: An Arch shaped handle that allows fingers or a hand to grasp.
Mushroom knobs:  These knobs are more bulbous like a mushroom and look more like a standard door knob.
Round knobs: Knobs that are round like a sphere or globe.
Square knobs: Knobs of all shapes and sizes in the shape of a four sided square.
Bar knobs: These knobs screw in from the center and “tee out” to a bar.

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Glass Drawer Pulls

Glass deserves a special section because when used properly I find them to be especially beautiful.  They are often referred to as crystal drawer pulls- and can be made of glass, crystal or hard plastic that imitates glass.  Glass Drawer pulls are elegant, affordable and add an element of sophistication to any DIY project.
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Vintage Drawer Pulls

Vintage Drawer Pulls are drawer pulls that are reclaimed from salvage.  Typically the older the drawer pull is the more expensive it will be – but this isn’t always the case. The material the pull is made out of and scarcity also drive the price higher.  A DIY dream is to spend a day looking at one of a kind drawer pulls.  The challenge with shopping for vintage drawer pulls is being able to find the right number of them for your project.  Sometimes waiting for a drawer pull find means waiting on a finished project – sometimes the project doesn’t begin until one finds the right inspiring set!  Searching local markets for anything vintage is a lot for fun and will add some sophistication to your project – Happy Hunting!