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I’m back… !

My apologies for such a long break!  I was looking for some change and some excitement in my life and decided to go back to work full time thinking I could do it all!  It worked for a while.  My job was super awesome, the kids were looked after, and I was enjoying being out of the house, using my brain again.  But eventually the novelty of the job wore off, and I realized working outside the home full time came with some major sacrifices. And the first thing to go was my hobby…my side business…my passion… my creative outlet… Painting.

I totally learned my lesson and will never do that to myself again. I love painting furniture. I love hunting for fabulous pieces and bringing them back to life. I love painting for friends, family and clients and seeing the excitement on their faces when they pick up their pieces. I love working with colour, I love creating and exploring. I certainly felt a void in my life when I put my creative side on the back burner. I realize now how important that part of my life is, and will forever make it a priority.

So here I am, back in business.  I spent weeks cleaning my basement and creating my perfect workshop.  Sorry kiddos, no finished basement for you 😉 I’ve already finished a bunch of projects that I can’t wait to share.

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