My First Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Project

One of my best buds gave me this old, gorgeous wash stand for my living room.  I loved it as is, but every night it would stare at me and whisper “paint me…. paint me”.  Argh, so I did… and I ended up painting it 4 times until I got it right.

I wanted to give it the “chippy” look, but the only way to get a true “chippy” look is to use milk paint.  I’m so anti-milk paint.  I hate that you have to mix it yourself, and I hate that you only mix what you need, because you can’t store it.    So, I researched a few different ways to achieve the chippy look with chalk paint, and a few people suggested using Vaseline or candle wax.  
I coated all the edges in candle wax and gave the piece a coat of Old White.  I tried scrapping off the paint and yea, nothing happened.  Then I covered the edges in Vaseline and gave the piece a coat of Arles.  When I started scrapping off the paint, it literally just scrapped off.  In chunks.  It looked horrible,  So I sanded the crap out of it and gave the piece a fresh coat of Arles.
I caved and brought home some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Boxwood.  I gave the piece 2 coats of Boxwood, waited for it to dry, and started chipping away with an old Star Bucks gift card!!!
It was the exact results I wanted.  I love the finished look.  The piece looks old and weathered in this awesome army green colour.  I just love it.  
And no, I will not post any pics of my failed “chalk paint chipping”.  It was that bad.
Knobs are from Pier1.

5 thoughts on “My First Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Project

  1. The second pic is the actual colour.. one or two of the other ones look really green (lighting).. I think this looks awesome – especially now that my aloe plant migrated its way over there 🙂 Good work Cait – I wouldnt know where to find something like this.. but I would certainly buy it when I saw it.. I love it.

  2. Cait – this is my favorite piece so far and you have done some amazing work over the years. Love the soft green milk paint with yellows and whites poking through. Very authentic looking. If you ever tire of it… know where it would find a nice home. Just sayin'. Remarkable job and be proud of your talent!

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