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Making your Uggs Look Brand New with Chalk Paint

I have no idea where or when I came up with the idea to chalk paint my Uggs… but one day, I got it stuck  in my head, that one – my Uggs are my most favourite thing ever to wear and they look like crap, and two – you can chalk paint anything.  So today, I got a little brave and tackled them.  The result is AMAZING, and I am so excited:)

Here’s how I went from my old, nasty, stained and worn Uggs… to the FABO new kicks!!
First I gave my boots a good wipe down with nothing but a dry scrubbie.  I wanted to get off as much dirt as possible, and loosen whatever fibers were left…
Next, I taped off the “Uggs” logo because I still wanted to be cool…. I used scotch tape rather than painter’s tape, because I wanted good adhesion to avoid the paint bleeding.  Painter’s tape wasn’t tacky enough.
Next, I taped off the bottom sole, spongy part.  I didn’t want to paint that part juuuust in case it didn’t wear well outside.  I have 99.9% faith that the paint will adhere and wear well outside, but since it was my first time painting Uggs, I decided just to leave it as is.  Next time, I’ll paint it… It’ll look better.  I may even go back and paint the bottom on these guys!! hehe (Oh, and again, I used scotch tape)
Next, I got my paint ready.  I painted this pair with Annie Sloan Graphite.  I thought about doing Aubusson, or Emperor’s Silk, but chickened out…
I added just a wee bit of water to loosen the paint.  I’m so awesome, I even took a video to show you the consistency…
Then I painted my boots with a small Annie Sloan brush.  I just brushed the paint on in a back in forth motion, making sure to cover all sides of the fibers with paint.  I never had too much paint on my brush at once because I didn’t want it to soak through.  It’s always easier to add more paint, then to take it off.  Always, be patient and take your time.  These pics are after one coat.
The boots looked great after one coat, but I did 2, just to get perfect coverage.  Annie Sloan recommends waiting overnight between coats to be sure the fabric is completely dry.  Shhhhhhh, don’t tell her I only waited an hour.
Next, I used a lint free cloth to apply Annie Sloan clear wax.  Just a thin layer.  The clear wax gives it a bit of a leather, shiny, look, and also makes the boots water repellent.  So YES, I can wear them outside and not worry about the paint dripping off and puddling at my feet.
And here is the final awesomeness…
Happy Feet…

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