Graphite Accent Tables

Right now I am working on a HUGE project for a new client.  I’m painting his entire dining room set which includes a 2 piece hutch, 6 chairs and a massive harvest table.  It’s a big job on a normal day, but especially big when I am painting in my dining room over the winter.  It’s impossible to paint in my garage when it’s -20c.  Bless my patient husband.  He’s never complained once.

Anyway, the client wasn’t sure of what colour he wanted.  He was pushing towards black, so I agreed to do some side tables I had laying around in Graphite, so he could get an idea of what Annie Sloan’s black would look like.  Annie Sloan Graphite isn’t a true black.  It’s more of a dark, slate gray, so I was really worried he wouldn’t go for it.  I was stressing over this for days.  His pieces are all that hideous forest green, so going with a lighter colour would be such a pain in the ass.  I was praying he’d go for black becasue it would make my job a lot easier… like 2-coats-per-piece easier.
Here’s how the tables turned out.
Side Table - Before

Side Table- Before

Side Table Painted Black With Chalk Finish Paint

Side Table Painted With Chalk Finish Paint

Side Table Painted Blue With Chalk Finish Paint
I’m sure you are wondering is he liked the black??  Yes, my friends.  So much, not only did he agree to paint his dining room pieces black, he also bought these 2 tables on the spot…  woo hoo 🙂
Side Table Painted With Chalk Finish Paint